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Well I’m nicely tan, well rested and ready for the Big Ten season. I missed the first home game (Indiana vs MSU) while on our cruise. My thanks to Tim Fuller a very talented young photographer from Detroit for covering the game in my absence.

I’m waiting on a rubber lens hood to come in the mail, so I can set up a remote camera on the other end of the court, but it still hasn’t arrived. I traded my 70-200mm IS for a beat up 300mm 2.8 non IS to put on my other Mark 4. It seems like a much better set up for downcourt shots (the 400mm 2.8 was just to long on the mark 4) and I can hand hold it.

I tried the 400mm on my 5Dmark 2 ( full frame) but the AF just wasn’t  what I was used to with the Mark 4’s and frame rate seemed SUPER SLOW compared to the mark 4’s. Canon needs to make a full frame sports camera soon.

Michigan State throttled the Hawkeyes 95-61 going on a 16-0 run late in the 1st half and a 14-0 spurt in the second half.  Draymond green had a double double, Appling had 15pts and 9 assists and 3 steals and Dawson had a blocked shoot. It was such a blow out…it was boring.