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Today I cover my first women’s game of the Big Ten season. I’m only covering a hand full of women’s games. There isn’t a great deal of interest in MSU women’s basketball by US Presswire unless MSU plays a ranked opponent. Todays game has the Ohio State Buckeye’s visiting the Lady Spartans of Michigan State.

Showed up my normal 1 hour before game time and picked up my credentials and parking pass at the Kellogg Center. First big surprise is AWESOME parking, right in front of the Breslin, less than a 100 feet from media entrance. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but with all the gear I haul to these games it is. Not the same kind of turn out for Men’s basketball and the Media area and baseline are wide open.

MSU hung tough and keep it within 10 points the whole game and one time closed the gap to 3 in the 2nd half. But the Buckeyes would quickly answer getting it back to 10 or more. The Buckeye’s beat the Lady Spartan’s 64-56.